Monday, April 14, 2008

Makin' Lemonade!

So the past week or so has been really slow in the shop. I am starting to get a little bummed! Why the slump? ...The temps are getting warmer and the school year is coming to an end. I am trying to convince myself that everyone is outside playing. Now that gas prices are outrageously high, budgets are tighter - including mine. These are some of the reasoning going through my head, but deep down I am going nuts wondering why I haven't sold anything for 10 days...yes, I'm counting!
What to do? The only thing you can..."make lemonade out of those lemons"! So I have been using my free time to get some things done around the house. We have been spending many hours at the park enjoying the warm weather. I made cute new polka-dot jammies for the girls and I have been sewing aprons and other goodies for my sister's bridal shower. We are going with a grocery/kitchen theme and I am heading it up. I have been trying to think of some fun games or activities to go with this theme...anyone have any ideas?


Tristin said...

I have been to showers similar to what you're going to do, and one of the games that we have played is to fill a grocery bag full of about 20 staple items (salt, pepper, flour, olive get the picture) Take them all out and give the ladies about 2 minutes to look it over, then put the items away. Whoever can make a "grocery list" of the most items that were in the bag wins. Then, the bride gets to keep all the staples to stock her pantry with. It's not terribly original, but it's kind of cute.

Shelley Wallace said...

Thanks for the idea! That is one I hadn't heard of yet and it sounds easy enough to put together. I'll let you know how it goes!