Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of Sewing, Just Not For You

It seems that as the summer comes to an end, we try our best to cram in all those fun activities we wanted to do with our kids, but haven't yet. And then there are always those crazy 4-year-old requests that seem to come out of no where. They're only little once. So...the other day I had all of these grand plans to sew all day, finish a new quiet book, get some fabric cut, work on some patterns (the list goes on and on) when the following conversation occurs:
My daughter says: "Mom, I have a plan."
Me: "Okay. What is it?"
She says: "I think we should sew up all kinds of sea animals and make an aquarium."
I'm thinking: Whoa, where did that come from? That is one large scale request!
Me: "That is a great idea! Do you think we have enough fabric for that?"
She says: "We can just make one at a time..."
I'm thinking: Here go all my plans. I can't say no.
Me: "Sounds good. What should we make first?"
She says: "a sea horse."
I dropped everything and we went to work. I am crossing my fingers that she'll forget we have an entire aquarium filled with sea creatures to finish!


Jill said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever heard! What a good mom you are to not say no!!!! I can't wait to see all the sea creatures you come up with.

Shelley said...

Secretly, I am hoping I won't have to!!