Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Cupcake Maker

For my daughter's birthday this year, she wanted a cupcake maker...the easy bake oven kind. Instead, she got me...the cupcake maker. I have been telling everyone that I am so sick of treats sitting around the house. We just got through all of our Halloween candy and lots of pie from Thanksgiving, that I really wasn't looking forward to candy (nor cake). Although we did make and decorate cupcakes for the party, I spent several hours the last 2 weeks making pretend sweets: cupcakes, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, pirouettes (those tall stick thingys) and a cake. The cake didn't get "decorated" in time, but everything else turned out to be so cute and fun!
For the party, the girls wore bakers hats, we decorated cupcakes, played "pin the cherry on the cupcake", played a cupcake version of Hullabaloo, and then ate our cupcakes and opened gifts. Before they left, each girl got a pink polka dot drawstring bag and was able to take one of each kind of "treat" and some paper doilies home to play with. I was excited with the idea of having something meaningful for them to play with (and would last more that a few minutes) and I hope that the girls are enjoying them as much as my daughter is enjoying hers!

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