Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Colorful Twist!

Voila! This has been my pet project for the past month or so. After filling my scrap basket with so many scraps from Colors Quiet Books, I decided that I really needed to do something with them. Of course throwing them out was not an option, so naturally a quilt was my next thought. After letting that thought swim around in my head for a week or so, I came up with this: A Colors Quilt that not only used some of the same fabrics, but also the same patterns as the Colors Quiet Book.
My initial thought was to bind it with colorful "patchy" type binding, but as I began cutting and laying things out, it was a bit too distracting. So...I opted for white which allowed the color blocks to remain the focus of the quilt. I love it. Maybe too much and so before I change my mind, I am posting it later today. My husband thinks I am nuts and should keep it for our kids, but I am doing it anyway. So whoever ends up snuggling under this most beautiful quilt {whether it is above your crib on the wall or on your lap}, enjoy!

Thanks Liz, you made my day!!


Gilbert Family said...

you are so talented! you inspire me to be more creative. thanks! you have such a gift!

Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

I agree with James!!! Holy Cow, you're letting it go?! Someone will treasure that quilt for a very long time. There is a lucky little child {not to mention M and S} out there somewhere!!

Great work, innovative! Yep. You're amazing!!