Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So after going on a closet cleaning escapade, I ended up with a stack of clothes that were either old, too small, too holey or too big. In that pile were a bunch of blue jeans I have been holding onto especially for making a denim quilt. The reason they have sat for a while (okay, a few years) is because I have really been hoping to make a quilt that is different than the usual denim quilt - something fresh. This pile has been sitting in the corner for a few days begging to be taken away (I so despise piles sitting around), so I decided to just start making, in hopes that I would receive some immediate inspiration.
I ended up cutting the light-weight denim and the khaki colored brushed twill into squares. When I was done I remembered the big pieces of vintage blue ticking (my grandma so generously gave them to me) that would pull it together. So I sat and pieced this lap size quilt and loved it! It reminds me so much of a something that would be used at a quaint little beach house in Cape Cod. In fact, I showed it to my daughter and asked what she thought (she is my future assistant ya know) she replied, "It looks a little too Oregonish" - I was thrilled, we were on the same page!
After an afternoon of debate yesterday, I opted to free-motion quilt it. The result...GORGEOUS! Until that is, the backing unexpectedly jumbled up in one spot and as I was attempting to fix it, I snipped a hole in the back! Yes, you read that correctly - I, me, not my kids, CUT A HOLE IN IT!! I almost - almost - said a bad word!
So, in the end, I am not sure what to do with this almost gorgeous quilt. I stitched up the 1/2 hole by hand and, as you can see, left the jumbles. I am trying to enjoy looking at the perfect front, but my heart sinks every time.
Do I put it away? Would you buy it "as is" at a great discount? It was a sad day.


Jill said...

It is such a cute quilt and so sad for the cut!! It is totally beach cottage-ish!! Don't just put it away! I would buy it at a great discount because it is to cute to be just put away!

Tricia said...

Unfortunately this has happened to us all!
Being a denim quilt I think it would be perfect with a patch on it-like on the knees of jeans(I'm thinking maybe in red ticking?)! Or, what about appliqueing on a wonky star-those are all the rage right now! Or appliqueing a funky beach house/shell,etc. on the back?
Have fun with it...it's definitely too cute a quilt to give up on!