Monday, July 20, 2009

While You Were Out

So this past weekend, my little brother went to Youth Conference for a few days. You know what happens around here when someone is gone for a few days and my Mom and I are looking for something to do....Extreme Bedroom Makeover!! He will be a Senior this year and as you can see in the "before" his room was screaming "HELP ME I'M HOPELESS!" So we had exactly 2 days and a very small budget.
DAY 1 was spent de-trashing. After removing piles of laundry, several garbage bags of trash, a couple of laundry baskets full of junk (which we didn't dare throw out due to the wrath we might bring upon ourselves), 12 empty shoe boxes, 13 empty water bottles, several soda cans, dust bunnies and - well, the list could go on forever - it was empty.


DAY 2: Went shopping for crates, bins (he desperately needed organization), spray paint, screws, paint for the wall, and sheet metal. We painted his desk, bed, curtain rod and the wall black. After taking a few hours break to visit my sister in her new apartment, we returned home to complete the days' projects. Dad was gracious (with some reservations regarding our plan) to help us screw the crates onto the wall, hang the sheet metal for the magnet board and put the bed back together. We got everything put back together for the most part.
DAY 3: My brother was to be back after lunch sometime. We spent the morning at the Children's Parade downtown. As soon as we got back, we rushed to do some touch-ups, finish loading the closet and shelves. At the last minute we decided to put nails in the wall to hang his hats along the top of the wall. I must say that the more time that went by, the more my mom was absolutely horrified that He would be furious that we touched his "stuff". Upon his return, we all acted "normal" then followed him into his room...he stopped in surprise and said, "Oh snap!" Then looking at the THOR logo we painted in the corner (his current favorite) he said, "THAT IS SICK!!!!!" Mom was hoping that meant he was happy???


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