Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Red Ridinghoods

My latest project? Halloween costumes.
My hubby thinks I'm nuts to spent so much time and effort on costumes. Hey, when you have a sewing machine I think you should go all out for your own kids! Besides, buying costumes can get pricey these days!!
So this year Little Red Ridinghood and Little Bo Peep will be trick or treating with us {I am still in need of a shepherd's crook...anyone have any ideas?} I used a vintage pattern for Little Bo Peep's dress. Whoa, it was the most confusing pattern I've ever used! Little Red got a new dress and a cape too. I way over estimated the amount of red fleece I'd need for the cape, so I made 2 capes and listed the extra in the shop. will pay for both costumes!!

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