Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Take Their Word For It

I found this vintage headboard at a yard sale a few months ago. I eyed it right away and fell in love. When inquiring about it, the seller told me it was for a full size bed and I was SOLD! After several attempts to fit it into my moms car, we made it work {minus a few seatbelts} and drove unsafely the 2 blocks back to my moms house.

I spent many, MANY hours in my garage sanding, priming, painting, and distressing. It turned out PERFECT!! I was so excited to get it into the girl's bedroom that I hauled it upstairs myself. As I put it up against the wall and moved the bed up to it, I made a horrific {yes, that is a strong word but I was truly shocked and then mad} discovery...the headboard was queen sized.

Despite my many attempts to try something - anything - to make it work, nothing did. It is now up for sale...I'm SO sad.

If you know of anyone with a FULL sized vintage headboard sitting in their garage or basement, please let me know. I need one!!

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