Monday, August 2, 2010

Back From The Beach

Vacation at the beach is a wonderful thing! It's beauty, peace, and relaxation mixed with a bit of play, shopping and yummy smoked salmon! My entire family {Nana, Papa, spouses, cousins and all} schedule a trip to the Oregon coast every few years. We have loved each trip without exception. This year was a bit on the cooler side, a nice break from our scorching Utah heat. We never tire of gazing at the beautiful views, hunting through endless tide pools or waiting in anticipation for each orange sunset. The drive there was pretty long, but well worth the ride.

Today I'm finally feeling recovered. The last load of laundry is drying, the kitchen is clean and I sent my school girl off on the bus. Now for lunch, a trip to the post office and a few hours of sewing....yippee!

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