Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I don't know what is going on in your neck of the woods, but our weather here has gone from high 90s-100s last week to 60s-mid70s this week. Yesterday, the kids even came in to grab their jackets before they went out to play.
The garden has been going bonkers {I guess I should be grateful, but...} I've had a pile of zuchinni and squash on my counter for the last several weeks b/c I can't use it fast enough and it won't fit in the fridge! I even did my first batch of pickles! Oh, they girls were excited as they are huge dill pickle fans!!
I've been crazily working on new quilts for the girls' room. The colder weather just puts me in "quilt" mode!
Halloween costumes have been on my mind as I as whip up Trick or Treat bags for the shop and last night I started cutting fabric for stockings. Yikes, where does time go???
PS. If any of you are close by and want zuchinni or squash {this basket is now over-flowing onto the counter} PLEASE come get some!

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