Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dozens of Diaper Bags

After searching through literally dozens of diaper bags, some at places like Target, many on Etsy, I decided to search for an idea/pattern/tutorial to make my own. Here are a few I really liked: Diaper Bag with Divider, Angela's Diaper Bag, Amy Butler's Nappy Bag, Craft Apple Diaper Bag, Anemone Pleated Hobo Bag, Gray Messenger Bag, Large Orange Shoulder Bag, Delila Bag, oh the list could go on and on. The bottom line is that none of them seemed to be exactly what I I made my own. I was also determined to use stuff/scraps I had and not buy anything {remember running errands and tons of walking with kids tagging along is not so good on this prego body!} I did it!

 A little contemporary, mixed with a little classic. The big flower makes it girly and all 7 pockets inside make it functional. I even whipped up a matching diaper/wipes clutch! If only I could take care of the remaining items on the "to do" list so quickly!

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