Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh, Friendly, Fun and all Folds Up!

Finally. It seems like it has taken a forever to get these babies from the sketch book to the sewing machine!

I remember playing with a page in a quiet book that was similar to this. I wanted my kids to have something like it.

So check 'em out:
1. Each mat is made of cotton and felt and measures approx. 14" x 21". The perfect size to fit on a lap!
2. Each mat has 2-4 pockets with labels and button closures. Labels help organizational skills, buttons keep things quiet!
3. Each pocket is filled with assorted felt shapes to place on the center of the mat. When you have a bunch of eyes and noses to choose from, things go from fun to funny to funnier! Possibilities are endless.
4. The 2nd best part...the mat folds up to roughly 7" x 7" square and 1 1/2" or so thick and has a closure on the outside. Perfect to stash in the diaper bag, back pack, or church bag.
5. The very best part...your kids will love them! These mats are designed for younger elementary age kids. While they play, these mats will encourage creativity and help develop fine motor skills, spacial awareness, problem solving and other cognitive abilities. And....they are quiet. I'm thinking nap time (when younger siblings are asleep), long waits at the doctor's office, long trips: road and airplane, quiet church meetings, and others I'm not thinking of right now!

There are 5 themes available now: Clownin' Around (make a clown face), Buildin' Big (construct a house), Dressin' Up (similar to paper dolls), All Aboard (building a train), Buried Treasure (making a pirate map). More to come in the next month or so.

Hope you are as excited about these as I am. I hope to have them in the shop by Friday evening, so skip past dinner and run to the shop to get yours!


Mom of boys said...

Your book is darling, I had a quiet book when I was little and LOVED it!!!

momrocks4u said...

I got my colors book in the mail yesterday and it is so cute! It is the perfect size to take in your bag anywhere. Thanks again Shelly.

momrocks4u said...

That clown book looks like so much fun!