Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Missing: Twill Tape

Okay, so didn't I just get over sorting all of my buttons?
This morning I was looking for some white twill tape I had just bought last week. I couldn't find it anywhere! I looked everywhere...twice. I asked my kids. I started pulling everything out of my closet. It even got to the point that I began thinking, 'Did I leave it at the store?' (This has also happened to me once or twice, especially at Walmart!) I still couldn't find it.
So I resorted to pulling out the rubbermaid drawers where my ribbon is kept. (They were once organized, but in the last few months that has changed. All the new ribbon has gotten shoved in and the ribbon I have used is left with a loose end hanging off of the spool. Bottom line...it was a bit scary!) I began pulling out each ribbon one-at-a-time. Surely I would come across the twill tape.
Five minutes, piles of cut ribbon, and stacks of spools later...it came to me. Along with the twill tape, I had gotten other new ribbon that was really cute and none of it was in the pile. Did I leave it all at the store? No way. So I dug through the closet and sure enough, there was the bag. From Michaels. Half full of ribbon and twill tape. How did it get back there, who knows!
So I now have my twill tape. I also have a grand pile of chaotic ribbon to deal with. I have researched a few options (see pics) and can't decide. Really, I just want my million dollar, super-organized, picture-perfect craft room. But here are some realistic options to organize my mess:

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

1. ribbon jar
2. ribbon box
3. ribbon in floss box
4. ribbon hanger
5. ribbon on dowels
6. Ribbon wrapped on old clothes pins
Have any other ideas, suggestions, or tips? Let me know!


Mom of boys said...

I would love to have my ribbon look like number 3. Although having 4 kids I can't seem to find the time. So I separated all mine into colors and put them in plastic baggies. It works for now but someday I will take the time and organize it cuter!!!

Shelley Wallace said...

In addition to the time it takes, it seems that as soon as I get everything organized, the kids - or me - get into it and over time it becomes a disaster again. So it some down to this: not only do we moms want 'cute & organized', we need 'user friendly' as well!
Thanks for the idea!!

Shelley Wallace said...
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