Friday, April 4, 2008

The moment I have been waiting for, watching for, so excited for finally! I know that it sounds pretty silly, but the shop received it's one-hundredth 'heart'! That's right, one hundred (now 105) people love SW Designs. It really is such a confidence booster for me. I love the things I make and I list them in the shop hoping that others will love and enjoy them too. When you see others who pick you as a favorite, it feels great. Especially when you click on their link and find that their shop is absolutely fabulous!
A big thanks for all of those who 'heart' the shop and to all of my SW Designs customers. The next best thing to making fun stuff for me and my kids, is hearing how much you and your kids are enjoying your purchases. I love to read feedback from you!

PS This painting was done by Christine Olson, I love all her paintings; the colors are all so fresh and vivid. Check them out at!

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