Monday, April 7, 2008

You Could Make It Monday: Embellished Wooden Frame

Dig out your paints and ribbon because this is how to make a really cheap, really cute embellished frame for a gift or for yourself. There are a million words you could put on the frame; family words like 'baby', 'together', 'love', 'cherish; names; monograms; action words like 'dance', 'laugh', 'dig'; the possibilies are endless!

1 unfinished wooden frame (about $2 at your local craft store)
acrylic paint and brush
clear acrylic spray
4 pieces of coordinating 10" ribbon/twine/fabric
rub-on letters
photo the same size as the opening of your frame


1. Paint the frame - front, edges, and back is up to you. Sponge brushes seem to give the best results and make painting go a little quicker. I used Making Memories paint, but any acrylic would work.

2. If you like the distressed look, wait until the paint is completely dry, then use sandpaper to sand the edges down a little. Dust off the frame. Spray a coat or two of clear acrylic over the entire frame to give it a clean finished look.

3. Pick a combination of 4 or 5 ribbons/fabric scraps/etc. to tie around the top left side of the frame. Each ribbon will need to be about 10". Trim the ends a little. You could even add a charm to dress it up a bit.

4. Use your favorite rub-ons to add a word or flourish to the frame. White is my favorite, black would also work. Tip: cut the letters you need completely off the rub-on sheet. Lightly lay them out on the frame so you can get an idea of where to place them. Leave the first letter on, take the rest off. Follow the directions that came with your rub-ons to put each letter on individually. You could also stamp or paint letters on.

5. Place your picture in the back of the frame. You may need to trim it a little. To hold it in place, you could tape, glue or cover with a piece of chip board and glue that in place.

6. All done! Display on a shelf or give as a gift!

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