Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ouchies, Clutches, and Ants

My husband and I have always considered Friday to be a lucky day, rather than an unlucky day. We were married on a "Friday the 13th" and also vowed to always make those occasional "Friday the 13ths" special days for us.

So here is how my "Special" day went yesterday: I cleaned the house all morning, made lunch and got the kids ready for a Dr.'s appt.. My mom called. My little one got 3 more immunizations, which is always so tough to watch! I managed to cut materials for 6 new Diaper Clutches, but only found the time to sew up 2. We had neighbor friends over to play for a little bit. On their way over, they found a baby frog and brought it to show us. My husband who was still at work called. And to top everything off, while we were getting jammies on for bed, we found a mushed grape on the girls' closet floor that was covered by ants...yumm-O!

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