Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things are Filling Up

My head is full of fun new designs, my sketch book is filling up with great new patterns, and soon the shop will be filling up with fabulous new items for the second half of the year.
Over the weekend, I finished a Halloween Quiet Book. I got brave and decided to use orange for the pages. The result...bright, fun, spooky, perfect.
Monday night I sat and watched TV while cutting out wool stockings (yes, Christmas stockings!), Tuesday I sewed on the cuffs and toes and today I began stitching on them....even though they are still in the making I am loving them. Classic wool felt with classic lines, but with some updated embellishments. In my mind, I am picturing how great they will look hung across a big wood mantel! I don't think I have ever thought about Christmas this far in advance...ever!
Now the tricky part...filling up any spare time that I can squeeze out of my already full days to empty everything out!

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