Monday, September 29, 2008


Just in case you haven't heard, Ike really gave us a pounding! We have been living just north of Houston for a while now, but we really had no idea just how devastating a hurricane can be until now. As we lay awake in our beds all night trying to find sleep, we could hear the horrible winds all around us. The power went out around 3:30 am, which meant that we were not able to see just what a mess Ike left until morning. When I heard officials mention there was a possibility of power being out for a few weeks I thought they were nuts - no way could anyone go that long w/o power! Ha Ha..we learned first hand that you can. It was tough, but we got well acquainted with cooking on the grill, cold showers and eating out of a cooler. It was pretty much like camping for way longer than you would ever plan on!

The worst part was not having access to the internet. Wow..I had no idea how much I truly use the web! For EVERYTHING!! I was at a total loss. I appreciate all of those customers who patiently waited while we got back online and I could finally sew again. I really missed it!

Now that it is over it seems like those 15 days were some sort of dream (or nightmare). I feel so blessed that we were safe and did not have to worry about losing actual belongings.

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