Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This weekend, we came across this word several times in conversation. I used the opportunity to teach my 6 year old what "potential" means.
Potential: capable of being or becoming

I have become a bit obsessed with finding old things and fixing them up. My sister has 3 beautiful pieces of OLD furniture sitting in her garage right now. We are determined to refinish them, to make the gorgeous again.

My little brother found our latest piece in an old garage in downtown SLC. He asked the foreman if he could have it. The guy asked him why would you want it? He replied, "Because my sister fixed old things like this." The guy let him take it. He even loaded it and delivered! It is covered with cobwebs and dirt, but I see so much potential in it. Hmm...maybe a potting bench.
After pics to come, of course...

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