Friday, February 5, 2010

Give Crocheting a 2nd Chance

My mom is a crocheter. She has been doing it for years and is really talented. I remember when I was little she often had an afghan on her lap crocheting away as we watched movies or visited. I have tried, on a few different occasions, to learn this skill, but no luck. It just never turned out right. The only success I had was a chain stitch. I could do that - and make it a mile long if you asked - but I never got the next steps right.

My good friend Kim inspired me. Not only could she crochet, but she took on the task of making her daughter's blessing gown. It was beautiful! I was determined to learn, even if I never became good enough to make a gown.

Now that we are back in Utah. I decided to try again. I messed up a lot. I had to ask for help...lots of it. My mom would be working on something else and I'd call her over to watch me...several times. Thank you mom, for your patience. So here is my first creation...that I am willing to admit to making. It isn't perfect, but it does look like a hat!

So don't give up....give crocheting a second, or third, or fourth chance!


Jill said...

It looks beautiful. You are multi talented.

Kim said...

Way to go Shelley- that looks great!