Monday, August 16, 2010

Double the Fun at the County Fair

Last Thursday, we got a last minute phone call from my mom. She was around the corner from our house coming to pick us up to go to lunch and then to the county fair. Boy, were we excited! After spending a few years in Texas {where even the fairs are big!}, we have learned to LOVE fairs! The crazy thing is that we go during the day and don't even ride the carnival rides!

Its the animals that we are smitten with. My favorite this year was this cute little curly haired cow...he was maybe as tall as my waist!

We enjoyed it so much that we ended up going again on Friday with my oldest...a second day with a second girl. I had to chuckle that they were so disgusted with milking a cow. If only they know how common that was years ago. The highlight of both trips was the petting zoo. And as always, girlie #1 LOVED the smallest goat she could find. She named it "Baby. Girlie #2 LOVED the pony. She named it "Sprite". We had a difficult time leaving!

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