Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mary Englebreit Style

My mom found this chair for $5 $1 at a yard sale. It was painted with a couple coats of ugly sage gray. She was coming over to bring me some flower starts and so I told her to pack up her chair and bring it along so we could work on it together. We chiseled {literally} and sanded all the old paint off, then brought it inside. This is when I thought of taking BEFORE and AFTER pics...never too late.

The plan was inspired by Mary Englebreit and so we started to paint following my mom's sketch. {Yes, this is where I get my creative genes from!} After a few hours, this is the result! She took it home to give it a clear coat and then put it on her porch with a tin full of yellow gerber daisies. Her house is a shade of red and it looks so cute. I'll have to take a pic the next time I visit and add it!
I did have to wash black paint out of my 3 yr old's hair...didn't want a permanent black streak! But all in all, it was a fun afternoon!


nana said...

This is your mom and I just have to add that I got the chair for a dollar and you helped me make it look like it's worth $20 to $30, so thanks for your help!

Shelley said...

Hey $1...even better! I think we should schedule "together" projects more often!