Thursday, March 20, 2008

Button Jar Magic

This past week my button jar (actually, it was a tin) reached "over-flowing". What to do? Secretly, I dream of the perfect creative space: plenty of cupboard and drawers, a big work space and a couple of big windows to let the light fill the room. It would also include the best in organization, but until that dream comes true (and I plan on it someday), I would have to find something else to put my many buttons in. I am in love with all the big jars you see, organized by colors and lined up on the shelf. So, I gathered some mismatched jars and dumped out the tin on the family room floor. I'm not sure what it is about button jars, or maybe it is just seeing such a huge amount of buttons, but the instant I started spilling them out onto the rug, my pre-schooler came running over to join in the fun. We lined up the jars and after a brief lesson on sorting, started one-by-one. It probably took the two of us over an hour to get them all separated, but it was so fun. Sounds kinda crazy, I know! I remember my mom keeping a collection of buttons and she has mentioned that she loved to look through her grandma's button jar too! So if you find that your buttons need a new home, or you're just a little bored, dump out your buttons and rake your fingers through a couple of times before you put them in a pretty, little (or big) glass jar. You will feel excitement, then satisfaction as you sit them on your shelf to enjoy!

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