Friday, May 16, 2008

Back Into The Swing of Things

We're back from our crazy trip to visit family. I guess I really shouldn't call it crazy, we had a few restful moments, but mostly it seems that we were busy visiting one place or another, shopping, driving, working on a project, etc. Bed "times" were non-existant as we often found ourselves (all of us) up very late having a great time. Funny, but I remember that those were the fun things about vacations when I was little: breaking the rules and getting away with it- like eating an extra ton of ice cream, or getting disasterously dirty with your cousins!)
The wedding was beautiful, the flowers didn't die and the food was scrumptious! My favorite was the 5 little girls running around in matching pink polka dot dresses. They were so cute...even when they were hunting for snails in the gardens of the reception hall...eek!
Anyway, we are happy to be home and have been doing laundry all day. I have pulled most everything to fill your orders and will finish up tomorrow morning so that they can all be shipped. The custom items should ship by the end of the month.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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