Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Catching My Breath

Wow, has it really been a week since my last post? Things have been sooooo busy here. The shower we had for my little sister was so fun! The aprons were a hit and they looked so cute on - especially the groom! The games were a hit...thanks for the suggestions!
So after a whirlwind of shopping, cleaning, etc. for the shower, we are currently taking a few days break before all the wedding festivities. Have I mentioned that I am doing the flowers? Insane, I know. I have done them for my other sisters (3) and this is the last. I just can't help myself, I love doing them.
Another wrench in our works. For some reason there seems to always be a few thrown in - the girls have managed to catch colds. I know, and it gets worse...pink eye. Where did this all come from? So...not only are we resting, we are all on cold meds and really the only reason that I have found a minute to post this is because they have both crashed on the couch.
I am hoping to post pics of the flowers and wedding. That is, if we survive. :)

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