Friday, June 19, 2009

Are You CRAZY???

That's what I am thinking about now...the answer, "Yep, pretty much!" I'm not sure that agreeing to make my sisters wedding gown was the wisest thing I've ever done. She seems to have confidence in my "skills" but that seems to add even more pressure to my performance. I am a perfectionist, and I just can't - won't - have her walking down the aisle in something that looks "homemade".

Handmade is what it will be. Luckily, she is the type of girl who loves simple, classic lines (thank you, thank you for not requesting elaborate beading or any other intricate details!) and I might, just might be able to pull it off. We've been looking at a bunch of patterns and have narrowed it down to these:

After much discussion with my mom who is here (and is a clothing and textiles major), we've decided to start from scratch. The patterns just aren't going to provide the bodice that we are looking for. We dug through my "stash" to find muslin and have begun to make our own pattern. Because my sister lives approx. 1200 miles away, we had her call with her measurements and are trying everything on me. This is the end result.

She is going to try it on, make notes of needed adjustments and mail it back to me. Then I'll have to get making the REAL thing. I'll have to get back to you on that...

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adventure knitter said...

wow, that's quite impressive! I always wanted my mom to make my wedding dress...and then when i got engaged we both looked at eachother and said..."let's buy the'll be less crazy!"